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Why bother with a proofreader?

With the arrival of the e-book and on-demand printing, publishing has never been more affordable. 

But by the time you're ready to publish, your work will be so familiar that you will recite your text, not proofread it.

Friends and family will rave and become your biggest fans – but what about the potential customer who finds you on Amazon?  You're only a click away from losing that sale if the free excerpt comes with costly errors.

Helen Baggott


Having your book professionally read by an Accredited Proofreader & Copy Editor will
remove the mistakes that a spellchecker can't.
I offer a range of services – all affordable and all to a timescale that matches your enthusiasm. 

  • Copy-editing & Proofreading – read-as-you-go service

  • Advice – are you ready to self-publish? Preparing your document

"You spotted something my editor and four other readers missed – thank you!"