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Read-as-you-go service – only £1.90 per 1,000 words

Traditionally, a proofreader would read a manuscript three times and then return it. If an author needed to rewrite any sections, those new words would not be checked.

I offer a practical and affordable alternative.

Helen Baggott

"I am very happy with what you have done. I'm actually alarmed at how much you have picked up on, but it proves the necessity of this process."

Read-as-you go means

The price per read is only £1.90 per 1,000 words.

Because you aren't committed beyond each read, you can budget with ease. If you need to wait a month or two before requesting another read, that's not a problem.

Authors are always keen to move their projects forward and by using my read-as-you-go service, you will receive your manuscript back promptly.

Waiting for three reads to be completed before you see it again might not suit your publishing schedule – or your patience!


Payment is by PayPal – fifty per cent deposit with order, with the balance becoming due once the work is complete, but prior to it being returned.


If you need help with the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (for paperbacks and e-books) stage of your project, please ask for a quotation. For a nominal fee I will ensure your manuscript is correctly prepared, then guide you through the stages to achieve your dream of becoming a self-published author.